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Default My hardware STILL sucks.

Managed to get this working with GoldenEye 007,but graphics are broken on PJGlide64 while the default core doesn't look broken,I blame the Intel GPU even though it works fine on that default core while even out-performing Nvidia on something like BizHawk due to CPU usage differences.

If I force the Static Interpreter to use Nvidia,there is endless breakpoints.
wouldbe edit 2:It works after putting the configuration file in the correct spot,no errors now.

Break point found at
Also,I keep getting cfg not found errors,suggesting this is the cause of my issues even though the file got created on changing graphics to HLE.
Maybe I should attempt to use LLE or something.
wouldbe edit: But I found out it needed to be in the same directory as PJ64 itself instead of the plugin location,so at least that fixed graphics for Intel it seems.

Keeping all of this in for your response.
Too bad performance hasn't increased for me,must be Bad PC.
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