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Default My 60fps Compendium

I am trying to get 60fps codes for as many games as I can,here is the current results.

Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage (U)

Lagfix High Rez
800D7F16 000D

Lagfix Lo Res
800E5392 000D
Game natively runs 60fps already,just needed that extra push.

Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M (U)

Sixty Hack
800F8697 0001
800F87CF 0001
800F8907 0001

Big Mountain 2000 (U)

8012CF52 000D
Smoother 30fps only.

Dual Heroes (U)

8002E692 000D
(fixes horrendous load-times,still 30fps)

Excitebike 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
800CDD6F 0000
Use Glide64 while hoping for full speed.

Forsaken 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
800233C3 0001

80028E22 000D

Iggy's Reckin' Balls (U)

Fast Sixty
800FF71F 0001
800FF7B7 0001
800FF84F 0001
Too fast.
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