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The fact that that one byte you had lost the new value of was something I had never reverse-engineered tells me it must not be that important. I actually wrote an almost complete list of the things (mostly trivial) that I never implemented changing with my save editor program for Tooie. If you're concerned about the byte, see if it goes up whenever you collect musical notes or just increase the total game play time spent counter in the totals screens or whatever. I already know it can't interfere with jiggy counts or collection, so it's nothing that serious.

Yeah, I know nothing about DexDrives. I just know about them off N-Rage and the fact that's what all saves submitted to the GameFAQs website were formatted in. I would have liked to have had even a DexDrive for testing purposes in EEPROM and SRAM implementation and game debugging if I even had my physical N64 hardware with me these days, though I'm sure things like flash RAM are way outside the scope.

The most alcohol I've ever drank is probably red wine salad dressing at a heart-healthy salad bar (which I was scared of eating since it contained alcohol). Or maybe the occasional accidental swallow of listerine mouthwash I had not completely spit out on my way running out the door to get to work.

Edit: It's a pity you struck the worst possible game with learning about using hex editors to convert DexDrive saves to N64 save chip ones. Anything other than Tooie wouldn't have had nearly this much trouble.
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