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Default Graphical errors in Pokemon Stadium

I've been using Glide64 Final (not the included version) because it's been accurate in the last few games I played and I like swapping in HD textures. But in this one there are some errors I can't seem to fix. I've zipped some screenshots to show what's wrong.

In images 1 and 2, large two-dimensional backgrounds appear as tiled squares that aren't aligning properly.

In number 3 you can see that the Event Battle icon is incomplete.

Number 4 shows that when selecting Pokémon, their 3D portrait is duplicated in the upper left corner.

5-7 show the move Strength makes a large portion of the arena floor turn black.

And finally, in 8 and 9, Pokémon's portraits appear as purple rectangles after battles.

I'm open to using a different plugin if you know one that's more compatible.
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