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There is no download for Hacktarux RSP plugin.
You download the plugin by downloading Mupen64.

Like I wrote in the description, it was not initially a plugin, just internal core code to the Mupen64 executable, back before the RSP plugin specifications were starting to get supported by non-Project64 emulators.

Originally Posted by CIblue View Post
Does the ziggy and zilmar-jabo need their respective audio/gfx plugin or can they work with other plugins?
They're only named after their respective authors.

z64 ziggy RSP emulator will work with any audio/gfx plugin, and Project64 zilmar/Jabo emulator will work with any audio/gfx plugin.

The problem with ziggy z64 RSP is that it can't be configured, and its built-in configuration is set to HLE audio with LLE gfx. So with that specific RSP plugin, you just need a LLE gfx plugin with a HLE audio plugin, or to change the configuration hard-coded in the source.

It is in no way specific to ziggy's OpenGL graphics plugin, z64gl, and any LLE RSP can be used with it.