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Talking Possible Fix (WINDOWS)

Hello! Like me you had the same issue but I found a few fixes to MOST games.

Before starting up a game go to: Options > Settings > Plugins, then click on Video (graphics) and change it to "Glide for PJ64"

After starting up a game that still DOES NOT WORK go back to settings once again. Click on "CONFIG: (file name)". Disable 32bit engine. That may also fix it.

If that does not work go to the same location as I described previously. If you see the "VI Refresh Rate" Try setting that number to 2000 or 2200 (ONLY IF IT IS BELOW 2000 VI).

That's all the solutions I can think of.
Hopefully that works for you and have fun playing N64 games!

EDIT: Go into Settings once again but press the + button next to Config. Press Plugins and re-insert the plugins that you had previously. That is another fix for more ROMs.

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