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Originally Posted by oiram View Post
I'm using XP. I installed directX, but it seems my computer already had it installed. It only extracted some .zip files in a folder. PJ64 was still asking for that dll. But if i use the Jabo plugin for input on my PJ64 v.2.3 version ( F5 works fine with this version, only the emulator itself is a little instable, especially when using F7 to load save states, sometime it crash.
The build I posted is built with Visual Studio 2015. It has a problem with compressed savestates on XP (because of change from using zip to 7zip). I've just re-built it on Visual Studio 2008. Compressed savestates will now work fine on XP with this version. F5 and F7 will work now, with no crashes or instability.

You can just extract this to your Project64 ( folder, overwrite all files.

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