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I have feedback after playing Mario Party with friends. It works fine but there's few glitches i would like to report (i don't know where to report bugs and i don't know if they are known bugs):

- In the mini-game 'Coin Block Blitz' the floor change color (it turn darker) every time someone take a coin from these blocks. That makes the floor to flash as we try to pick coins as fast as possible. It's not really a big bug, but i wanted to report this bug for a friend that is epileptic.

- At some rare occasion, suddenly the emulator freeze (sound stop and picture is freeze), and there's nothing to do but to close the emulator and open it again. This happened with other games too. At one occasion, i had this freezing bug, and doing ctrl+alt+del i could see PJ64 taking about 500 000ko of memory. Usually it takes not even 100 000ko. Maybe it is due to my computer being old but i don't really know, i don't really have knowledge about this but anyway i have AMD athlon X2 64 ATI radeon. To be more safe, i use quick save more frequently.

Other than that, we were able to have fun playing Mario Party and to use controller joystick.