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I see. At first I thought it was a plugin issue, which is why I posted here. Turns out its not. I'm using a N64 original controller, with a Total Console N64 Controller Adapter for PC USB, so I thought it was weird that the C buttons wouldn't work, specially when I had been playing with the keyboard up untill now and everything worked stupendously. It's just that some games, say Goldeneye, are unplayable without a controller, so I figured I'd get one. And alas, here we are, hahahah.

I never thought that the problem was related to the emulator, but since its not the plugin itslef either, I'm really out of ideas.

When I first connected the Total Console Adapter, a driver was installed succesfully, yet when I connected the controller, no driver was installed. Should I search for and install a driver? Maybe that will solve the problem. Though I have no idea what driver that might be, nor where to find it, hahaha!