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Curse this bad weather,I can't do anything right now because of it,strictly for personal restriction reasons.
I can try to find it whenever I find an open chance to.

Edit: There is a chance it could be for a different version than what you have.

Or it could be a typo.

Try this changed one I type in...

D00CF480 0080
801C6AFC 0040

And here is a copy/paste from gamehacking[DOT]org...

Moon Jump (R)
D00CF591 0010
811C6AFC 4120
D00CF591 0010
801C6DF7 0000
Note: The only problem with this code is that Rayman dies after being in the air for about 6 seconds. this is because the game thinks you've fallen into a pit or something.

I can try to find a fix for the pit fall issue so the code will work more perfectly.

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