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Question N64 controller not working for pj64

I am using Project64 When I select "Configure Controller Plugin.." and try to input the controls for my Nintendo 64 controller (a,b,z,r,l, d-pad, c-buttons) it is not recognizing when I press the buttons.

It is odd because when I go to my computer's Control Panel (Hardware and Sound ----> Devices and Printer) to connect my controller (which is recognized as "USB GamePad") and adjust its properties, it recognizes all of the buttons and analog stick movements. So I believe my controller and adapter is working properly and they are securely plugged in.

My only problem is when I go to the "Configure Controller Plugin.." (under "Options" in the Project64 emulator) and it fails to recognize my inputs. This brings up a window titled "N-Rage Input V-2 - Configuration". I really wanted to do this to play with the controller, not the keyboard.

Please help me!

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