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In order of importance, my list of the most important things to work on are Wiki, test roms, LLE/Improve Project64 Video, 64-bit, and Create basic open source audio plugin.

Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
Problem: Game shits itself in some way.
Solution: Use GLideN64 or Angrylion's.

Secondly, is it actually possible to have working RNG while also having working netplay?

But I'm sceptical about the realism of making PJ64-Video more accurate.
It sounds like you're oversimplifying the current issues with N64 emulation. It's not as simple as "use GLideN64 or Angrylion's". Having a wiki would be great for keeping track of the current status of N64 emulation.

It's not possible to have accurate RNG while using netplay. They intentionally made it non-deterministic (which makes sense).

It would not be difficult to make PJ64-Video more accurate than it currently is .

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
No Idea, might be impossible. Mostly code clean up so far. My desire to get good LLE and see where it goes from that. the software version is understandable and will work correctly. Now a hardware version of it I am going to face that problem. Is it solvable, I have no idea. I might end up at the same problem and come to the same solution. I am not there yet, when I do get there I can see what happens.
I'm very glad you are giving it a try . There are plenty of solvable problems that don't require new hardware, to fix.

The situation is currently so bad that I resorted to using LLE software renderers to actually improve performance.. Something clearly isn't right. After working on HW renderers for a bit and figuring out how to improve performance for bottlenecks like copying frame-buffer from video memory, I realized that hardware renderers can do a lot better than what it's currently doing. I may be able to help improve the video plugin. I'm going to look into finally learning Hardware rendering for real this time .
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