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Hi there, new here!

I think the list of planned improvments for the next version of Project64 is great, but the one thing which is most important for me would be a much more improved Input Plugin.

Overall i wish it would be much more like the one from Dolphin. The biggest problem i have with the Input Pluging is that the controlls don't save properly and changing them turns into a huge hassle, especially if i try to set it up for splittscreen multiplayer. When i got some friends over and we want to play Goldeneye for example, then it turns always into me battleing the Input Plugin. When it doesn't work out, we mostly play some Nightfire or Timesplitters instead, because i don't have these problems with Dolphin at all. There i don't have to set up the controls most of the time, i don't remember the last time i had to do that with Dolphin actually. Its like start the emulator, start the game, BOOM lets play! And i wish it would be the same with Project64 because there are still some classics which would be great in multiplayer.

Here are some Bulletpoints of the exact improvements i wish for the Input Plugin:

- Fixed saving / improved Profile system

- Improved Deadzone / Range options

- Improved / more Streamlined layout of the options menu

- Better working Rumblepack / Memorie Pack for Xinput and other input devices (possible to combine them? I remember owning a hybrid Rumble Memory Pack for the original N64, but i'm not sure if it worked at the same time)

- Be able to choose the exact device for each controller input (like Xinput/0 for player one and Xinput/1 for player two etc)

- No extra layout just for Xinput, just one for all devices

- multiple key bindings

- maybe an additional option to be able to save input changes for all four controller inputs at once (without changing the dedicated device to each input of course, like Xinput/1 stays for player 2 after the change etc, you know what i mean)

I know this is a lot to ask for but if these improvements would be in place, then the N64 emulator would be almost perfect and maybe for others too. So please take these into consideration.

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