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Originally Posted by drahsid View Post
Well, for me, performance is nothing of a problem.
I'm just speaking of people with legacy computers.
And yes, I agree, the code could be better,
I also believe the lack of default netplay really kills it,
this is where 1964 surpasses it,
1964 runs better on legacy PCs, and supports netplay by default.
I love 1964 . From my experience, it had the lowest desync rate out of the 3 kailera emulators.

I'll need to try out AQZ sometime, to see if that's equal to or better than 1964 Kailera. Too bad I can't use 1964 with AQZ netplay plugin. PJ64 only works with AQZ netplay if you enable fixed audio timing, but that messes up the audio.

What kind of UI changes would you like to see?
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