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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Probably could be fixed, but I'm happy entering 000 in exe as I find it's faster than opening GUI plugin settings anyway.
Good point actually. Speed ftw .
son, I am disappoint.
I'm saying it's faster i.e. easier for the person to do it without a GUI, not "asm h4x ftw efficiency" faster.

Originally Posted by GPDP View Post
I notice there's been three implementations of this plugin thus far: your own upstream, the mupen64plus fork, and the libretro fork. Are they all pretty much at parity with each other, or are the forks missing optimizations and such present in upstream?
Dunno. Last I checked they're both about the same I think, just with a different interface from the plugin spec used upstream than m64p one. It may usually be behind a few commits, haven't really looked that often.

I can recall that structurally the rsp fork in libretro was based on a point in time where I had the source laid out way differently, so there is some lack of synchronicity there. However it is not my concentration to be able to understand either the Mupen64Plus API or the RetroArch API, so I am not one with the ability to be involved in something like that.
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