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Ok - I was able to port two of the codes to

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (E) (GC) [!]
(crc 09465AC3-F8CB501B-C:50)

That said - on my emulator that version of the game also ran at 17fps instead of the 20fps the NTSC version runs at.

Luckily there is a version of that rom out there that is patched to run at "60Hz" (= the original 20fps) regardless.

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (E) (GC) [f2] (NTSC) by MajorDrake
(crc 09465AC3-F8CB501B-C:45)

The following codes work on both versions.

crc 09465AC3-F8CB501B-C:45
 cn aaWidescreen 16:9 
  81174EF8 0000
  81174F02 0001
  81174F18 F96A
  81174F22 BB6C
  81187308 0000
  81187312 0001
  81187328 F96A
  81187332 BB6C
 cn aaNo HUD, Only Map (7 Lines):
  811d7596 0000
  811d7598 0000
  811d759a 0000
  811d759c 0000
  811d759e 0000
  811d75a0 0000
  811d75a2 0000
What I did, was simply to compare some cheatcode lists of the (GC) Master Quest version with cheatcode lists of Ocarina of Time (E) (GC) [!] and I noticed that in the range the codes above were operating the hex values were either 20 (hex) or 40 (hex) apart - so I tried to add 20 to all the Master Quest values darkludx provided obove - which dind't work, then I decided to add 40 (hex) to all hex values - and it worked.

With these two codes.

For the rest I'd urge darkludx to come in at a later time and provide cleaner versions for that rom.

The rom that people should look at is

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (E) (GC) [!]
(crc 09465AC3-F8CB501B-C:50)

(respectively the 60Hz hacked version of this

(crc 09465AC3-F8CB501B-C:45) )

For european gamers, this is the best version to play right now. It shows up in cheat databases, people have worked on it before, it supports english, german and french language versions (you can use a savegame from one of the older PAL versions to import your language selection, or use a cheat code) - and now it has a working 16:9 hack as well.

Thanks to darkludx again for doing the actual work here. I just added 40 to his numbers...

edit: Widescreen Render Fix works as well with add 40, just found out how to test it.
edit2: Or not - actually in Hyrule the Render fix only works for the left side of the screen, so it might still be a bit off... Use with caution.
 cn aaWidescreen Render Fix:
  810248a2 FFFF
edit3: Compared the 81024862 and 81024868 values in memory while the games were running in pj64, and they seem to be both the same for the Master Quest and the (E) (GC) [!] rom (so no offset would be "needed" in theory?). Yet when I run the Render Fix code for Master Quest on the (E) (GC) [!] rom, all characters vanish - so something definitely isn't quite right here.. And I'm officially at my whits end.

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