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My ass says he did stop.

...But you know what they say about people talking out their asses.

Anyway that doesn't matter; so did this guy.
Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
[...]It was also the reason we stopped working so much on pj64 when they killed us using it.
we stopped working so much on noun = we stopped working, so much, on noun = we stopped working, on noun, so much = we stopped working on noun so much = we stopped working on noun [so much] = we stopped working on noun
#noun = Project64

The inclusive context given in a declarative sentence gives specification to add information, but that doesn't automatically mean that the informative specification is among other low-level definitions that are required to make a statement true. e.g. magenta is blue in the sense that FF00FF = [(FF0000)] + 0000FF, where the example inclusive definition of purple is blue--not exclusive, but still a valid (inclusive, while still being) definition.

Since you didn't specify the bet to be under $20 that he did not, exclusive of addends to the question, stop--only betting if he stopped at all, you lose the bet.

Or if you really care,
Originally Posted by
Happy Christmas,
Here is our gift. you can download the final version of pj64 from the download page. As many of you know this is the final version of project64, all good things have to come to an end sometime. Both Jabo and me are going to be focusing on things in real life and do not have the time or desire to keep working on the emulator. We have both achieved all that we wanted with writing this program and it is time to move on.Now that development has stoped smiff will stop his support of the emulator in the manner that he has done since before it was released. Smiff’s web page will still contain all the information and support he has done. I would like to give a really big thanks to smiff for all the work he has done. I would like to also thank martin and redah for the running of the project64 message board and hosting us. Eagle and the Gentleman for all there work with the cheat files. Anarko, BreakPoint, cricket, _demo_, Duddie, F|res, hwnd, Icepir8, Lac, Lemmy, nrage, rcp, schibo, slacka for all there support and help over different times over the past 4 years of development.
Since this is the last version some of the source is now available for others to continue the project if they desire, or just to help the existing emulators.

PS Also emubook also been uploaded to

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