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Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
I was going to add it on a per-game basis for pre-tested games. I already did it for Donkey Kong 64, since PJ64's audio sync has slight popping that Jabo's cures. I'm aware of the problems it causes for specific titles.
Ok, you have the right idea then. I knew Jabo's audio sync worked good for DK64. It also does a good job in Super Smash Bros and Last Legion. Generally if a game runs 60+ VI/s with Jabo's Audio Sync, then it's better to have it enabled. You can get a good idea of how much it affects the VI/s by enabling "Show CPU Usage". If the usage of r4300i isn't much higher with it enabled, that's a good sign.

If the usage is significantly higher but still is able to run 60 VI/s, it's still usually better to use a different plugin if there's a better one. For instance, I can't run Mario Party 1 at stable 60 VI/s with Jabo's Audio Sync, yet theboy181 could iirc, yet Azimer's 0.56 WIP2 does a better job.
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