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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Have you tried Jabo LLE? Most plugins are simply incomplete dude.
I think you need to test more plugins .
Idk about that. Why use an HLE plugin that's slower than an LLE plugin ?
Iirc, Azimer 0.56 WIP2 did a decent job in goldeneye, although probably not perfect. I honestly rarely ever use Shunyuans (mostly just for comparison/ testing). I honestly wouldn't recommend his plugin for very many games (I haven't come across a single game where his is the best). The only thing I like about his, is that I believe he implemented time stretching (probably copied from another emu source). Only time I could see his plugin being useful is maybe when FAT is enabled.

I'll do more testing on that game, and see which audio plugin is the best.
Does Jabo emulate alpha dithering in Super Mario 64, Mystical Ninja 64, Hybrid Heaven, Mario Kart 64, etc? Simply having transparency effects isn't accurate, but alpha dithering is, just saying. LLE RSP plugins also emulate it, yeah, as they are extremely accurate.

Some games have missing effects in Jabo, such as motion blur in Paper Mario (battle transition), etc. If Jabo LLE can emulate alpha dither, motion blur, then great. Glide 64 actually works quite well for me, so...yeah. And doesn't the first boss (Draco) in Bomberman 64 require certain settings for his level?
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