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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
I honestly rarely ever use Shunyuans (mostly just for comparison/ testing). I honestly wouldn't recommend his plugin for very many games (I haven't come across a single game where his is the best). The only thing I like about his, is that I believe he implemented time stretching (probably copied from another emu source). Only time I could see his plugin being useful is maybe when FAT is enabled.
On games such as Mystical Ninja, his plugin is the only one that gives consistent audio. Azimer's works extremely well on games that have FAT enabled by default, such as TWINE (no more garbled speech!) and Rush 2049 (the plugin was designed to work with that setting on, IIRC). Unfortunately, most games don't like this setting, otherwise I'd use Azimer's for everything (best quality I've seen so far).
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