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Originally Posted by Aurorer View Post
My concept was well, just that, a concept. A working one, but still only a concept. My hope was that someone else would design a better one. The problem with using that iControlPad (or whatever it was) that xcdjy pointed out, is that the the iPhone's only access port is OFF LIMITS. I am serious, I have no idea in hell how that guy in the video was able to integrate that control pad into the game's programing. It is simply beyond me. And yes I know that they will eventually release their source code but that is beside the point. My dream is that this app, if you will call it, makes its way to the app store designated as "fan art" available for free to anyone that has an iPhone. For that to be a reality the game needs to be playable right out of the download so-to-speak, with no need to buy any extra hardware.
With no offense meant, that is rather improbable. Maybe on Cydia (for the jailbreakers out there), it would be more likely, but the App Store? Like I say, it's just improbable. Yet either way, I'd like to see something like this put into action, if only for the people willing to jailbreak.
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