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There are no more lines in Ocarina of Time using z64gl

The following games have been tested using both Jabo D3D8 and z64gl

All Star Baseball 99-this game works fine until the players take the field.Then it crashes with this error.Same for both plugins

All Star Baseball 2000-this game works fine until players take the field,then the speed drops to an unplayable rate.Both plugins are the same,although z64gl is just a sliver faster,but still unplayable.

All Star Baseball 2001-This game is playable with both plugins! yay!

Ill be testing more games today,ill test as many as I can to help out.Any specific games you would like tested?

Quick question-does z64gl only run in 640x480 in fullscreen? Ive edited the config file but when going FS,it goes not higher then 640x480


Bomberman 64-this game loads,but when you gain control the fps drops to unplayable rate.Using a HLE audio plugin helps,but then the audio is scratchy.Also using JD3D8 causes lines to appear in the graphics (same as in Ocarina of Time) using z64gl fixes this (same AS Ocarina of Time)

Bomberman 64 the second attack!!-this game is playable! Although same as its predecessor,using JD3D8 causes lines in graphics,using z64gl fixes this.

Bomberman Hero-Unplayable w\both plugins.JD3D8 scrambles graphics,z64gl the graphics are fine but its too slow to be playable.Using HLE audio plugin w\z64gl speeds it up some,but then the audio starts to crackle

Cyber Tiger-Graphics are scrambled with JD3D8,playable w\z64gl

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