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Default video build50 posted

Even though Jabo is busy this week and couldn't get things as "finished" as he likes them (even for a beta build), he has decided (with my advice, hope it was good!) to post the current work as build50. this includes the work we did on the fullscreen flicker that plagued many users - so hope that's all fixed for you - various small improvements (see Changelogs please), and most importantly: DXT support. We hope textures artists will get onto this soon and let Jabo know if it works, if there are any bugs, how much it improves loading performance and so on.
Compressed textures. They sound like a bad thing, but actually offer the hope of much larger textures and much better plugin performance, when using big retexture projects. Although .PNG is a good format for saving textures (it's lossless and supports 8bit alpha channel), it's a horribly slow format for loading textures during runtime. Whereas DXT textures can go straight from hard drive into your video card, AND use less video memory! The compression itself should be barely noticeable if the artist makes careful choices and everything is working properly... but we are relying on members who offered to do textures to make all this happen, as we don't have time to do much more than a basic test. If we can help in any way please ask on the forum.
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