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Originally Posted by codgod666 View Post
yes i have exactly the same problem with many other games
including ocarina of time
its when i get close to a detail, like dirt track carpet and roads they will dissappear in the exact same why as in the dk64 vid
Yes, when you cheat on PJ64, and EVEN on a real N64, weird things happen. Some things lose, or they repeat, and, in fact, there are some others that if you already have, when you get them again, sometimes the game mixes up, freezes, gets jagged up, et cetera. So, it's not suggested to use ALL the cheats at a time. If the cheat has a note, follow it to prevento annoying yourself. Example: In Oot, there's the cheat of levitating, and, where you get to a unreachable ground (note:this doesn't includes real ground that is hard to access), the layes "vanishes" and you begin falling. After a while, you get totally falled and you lose part of the life (like when you fall off a cliff).

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