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Default Questions and some tips.

Double post.

What's the plan for in-app purchases?
(I would assume ads,but only the kind Google approves or else they will kick the app off the store in violation)

Can you please make a pro version to get from buying it directly?
It would make things simpler so I won't need to have a solid internet connection just to use it,else it denies access cuz my connection derps out right when I wanna use it.

I personally hate IAPs because they make apps "freemium" which hurts it greatly.
I always like the one flat rate price type of purchase.

Also make sure the list of permissions isn't too intrusive,only using what's absolutely necessary like storage access to read the list and write saves,configs,and folders for them,and if ads,it would also need internet access.

Edit: Already added more to my balance,I can happily get it if a Pro version is made so I don't need an internet connection just to confirm I own the copy I have even though "otherwise" was said.
I strongly suggest going the "pro version" way instead of subscription IAPs since immediate hate was seen in the reddit replies.
If you need more,then maybe Patreon can be utilized for additional support,despite the malware issues,many people still support PJ64,and maybe goals can be made for individuals to fill some feature requests.

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