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Originally Posted by Melchior View Post
with Xbox 360 controllers I think you believe you have to check Xinput....
It still won't respond when Xinput is ticked off with both Plugged also selected as well as not deselected. When I was doing it before through just the Plugged option and I clicked Use I got an error which read "no mempak specified; please configure plugin". However, I will note that it responds to the buttons I set. It didn't work so I looked everywhere and moved on to trying Xinput and it also did not work.

I should mention the ROM hack works fine seeing as it works well with M+KB, but I'd just rather use a controller. It is a wired Xbox 360 which is compatible with all games on Steam, just to provide some added information.

Thanks to everyone who works on this project it is a very useful emulator and any help is appreciated.
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