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There's a collection of hex-editors here in Wikipedia's comparison if you were just asking about that.

Of those, the only ones I have installed without uninstalling afterwards are:
  • shed ... it's a little too old-fashioned, but I use it for small files in some cases.
  • hexedit -- very basic and simplified but colorful. Works very well in an X-less primitive command-line environment to do emergency system tweaks.
  • dhex -- I think this is the only non-X11 one I have found that lets you compare whole files in split view and more advanced features like that.
  • HT editor -- I don't use this anymore because it's written in C++. It's more of a disassembler-featured thing. I'd rather run NIEW64 in DOSBox.
  • Bless -- GTK-based hex editor with a GUI for windowed environments.
  • Okteta -- Qt-based hex editor that comes with KDE. Eh, it works too. Probably has a Windows port somewhere.
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