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Default Two problems w/occarina of time


I have two issues that I want to ask about.

I *think* they may both be directly related to Zelda: occarina of time.

The first definitely does: When in the Great Deku Tree, there's a room with a spiked bar going across, hindering me from crossing the waters on a platform. Now, all the guides I can find, and even youtube videos, clearly show that there's supposed to be a switch underwater, which lowers the water levels - but I can't find it! It's not there.

On the other hand, there's a switch on land, just as I enter the room, which lights a torch right next to it. But THIS switch is not there on one youtube video I found! How can that be?

The other problem regards the left shoulder button. In Occarina of time, when I press whichever keyboard key that's configured to L, all that happens is that I switch the map on and off. The key does not allow me to aim at enemies, or move left in the start menu. What is wrong here?

Thanks a lot in advance for help on these issues. And thanks to the team. I sure missed playing the N64!