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received an N64 to USB controller adapter today, hooked it up and the game feels great. I'm really excited about this as it's the closest I've managed to get to the Mario Kart 64 holy grail of the same game just with an improved resolution.

I've only found a few minor issues so far so if anyone can offer some answers then I'd be very grateful.

1) Is there any way of altering the speed of the game other than using the counter factor as it's close to the original's speed but out by a few seconds a lap?

2) I got a Mayflash N64 to USB adapter today and the only issue I'm getting is not being able to map the down arrow C button on either of the two controllers I've attached. The PC recognises it when I'm calibrating but it doesn't work when trying the configure controller input screen.

3) The resolution is incredible, I've never seen Mario Kart look like this, but Karts and pick-ups etc don't pop-up into view until you're quite close to them. All the scenery's there perfectly though no matter how far the distance. Played with some settings but can't seem to change this. Any ideas?

Going to order a second Mayflash adapter tonight and then get some friends round soon for a testing session. It's looking really promising at the moment so fingers crossed all goes well.

Thanks again to everyone for the advice.