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Default Banjo-Threeie, yes it exists!

Hello my friends. It is with great pleasure that I announce to them that I'm sick of working for Nintendo, so I will deliver something many here did not even know exists: Banjo-Threeie, the third and (here) unreleased adventure for Banjo on the Nintendo 64!

Released for Nintendo 64 in mid-2003, a time when the GameCube has robbed the scene between the Nintendo consoles, the title came close to being canceled but fortunately was released.
However, the game was never officially released outside the UK, where the headquarters of the Rare (the company that developed all the titles in the series). Because of this, the game is over unknown in this country.
But I got the ROM of this incredible game, which now make available to you play on the emulator.

Type "baixe ja banjo threeie" into Google, and the first result led to the blog where this ROM is available to download, and good play!

Ps.: Bye bye Nintendo of America.
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