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Sad. A full page #1 of this thread, and not one person even replied to the original post/question helpfully.

I don't mind being an ass and dicking around playfully at times at whatnot (although to a humored, non-trolling extent, unlike fuxxelwuffer, who just can't resist trolling to deduct from his own upset shame), but you guys should at least make an effort to address the OP/thread issue while you're at it.

Originally Posted by ohheylillian View Post
Hi guys, I'm playing Zelda OoT and as we know, the C buttons are really vital to continuing on in the game. My issue is that my home button is actually a function button under my keypad 7 (Acer makes terrible computers for gaming, since there is no actual pg down or up, home or end buttons by themselves.) So I tried to change the controls for the P64 and it doesn't do anything. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do so that I can continue on in the game? Thanks!
In case you didn't notice, most people don't use the keyboard, but that could just be the default keyboard controls you're using under DirectInput plugins like Jabo's. It's unfortunate but most of these N64 input plugins really don't have a solid keyboard layout or just base off of PSX emus.

Traditionally, I used the numeric keypad "NUMPAD": 8 for Up-C, 2 for Down-C, 4 for Left-C, 6 for Right-C.

You're right you can't use Home/Delete/End/PgDwn for the C-buttons on every computer because not all keyboards support this as it turns out; unfortunately it's the default Jabo's DInput just uses.

More recently, I started using this config for C-buttons thanks to somebody else:
'L', 'P', '"', ';', for Left-/Up-/Right-/Down-C buttons

He was the ONLY person, who actually sat down in a discussion with me and was willing to debate what the best keyboard controls should be!

The rest of y'all niggas were too passive, so I adopted his controls into my keyboard plugin.

tl;dr OT, two good methods for C-buttons on keyboard