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Ah yes I see now, I tested the glN64 too, but I continued fiddling with glide64 and its funny but now the menu screen is all that is slow, at like 85% speed still. However battles and mini-games all play at the normal speed and are perfectly fine. Its good enough for me everything game play wise is perfect graphic wise is perfect very pleased with this.

Only little thing is the audio during games and battles is perfect, during menu screens it is garbled, I deduce its from being played at 85% speed, I'll try to find some setting that may disable music in menus and turn it back on during games if not I will just mute my TV during menu time haha, since I play it on a 70 inch 3D TV with my girlfriend and her girlfriends who absolutely love it.

So now everything is perfect thank you for the fast replies and help, I really appreciate it and I hope you both have an amazing year!