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Originally Posted by Tasoulis View Post
Yes, Glide64 works with 2.0

Just place the correct files at the correct directories. Place "Glide64.dll" and "Glide64.ini" files to Plugins/GFX folder and "glide3x.dll" to the main folder where Project64.exe is.

Yes I put it in that directory, but do not appear.

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
no, I am trying to get it better integrated with pj64 not making sure that it works with other emulators.

actually it will not directly touch the rdb, it is actually calling the emu to handle the settings.

Maybe I can go back to getting the ini in place if the settings is not there, but I am not going to do that in the first version.
Well, thansk really the Glide 64 do not appear in the PJ64 2.0 list D:.

I have the last version (I guess) of GLide64 but do not appear (Glide Final 8 may 2012)

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