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Post Anybody w/ experience with save hex editing?

So a while ago I decided to buy a DexDrive 64, GameShark 3.2 64, and an Everdrive 64 so I could have a lot of options to play my N64 games on. I bought the Dexdrive so I could convert my official cart saves to an .eep or .sra native save file format. I have successfully converted a DK64 and SM64 .N64 save file format to .eep/.sra via HxD, a hex editor. For those who don't know DexDrive saves (.N64) are almost like .MPK, but usually smaller. Basically what I've been doing is downloading other .eep/.sra formats of a game I have and comparing it to the .N64 dex save and stripping away the unneeded bytes and then renaming the .N64 file to .eep or .sra. Lately though I have gotten stuck on converting my Banjo-Tooie save. Every .eep I compare it to the data starts at the string ".h", but it's nowhere to be found in my save file. Iv'e also noticed that the Banjo-Tooie .eeps are usually 800 in length. I have about 22 hours in Banjo-Tooie and I've already lost my data in this game before and I would really like to finish it, so if someone would be kind enough or even try to attempt to convert the save file it would really mean a lot to me. I'll attach a zip with the saves. My original save is called "BANJOTOOIE22" and the other 3 saves are a 100% complete game, a mid-complete game and a freshly new started game. If you have any questions about anything please ask and again thank you for checking this post out.
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