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Actually, I just used N-Rage's DirectInput plugin to export A64 files from MPKs and N64s. (This feature was removed in the XInput fork of N-Rage's plugin.) Bear in mind that A64 files are text-based and not binary; you'll see the hex but in ASCII characters stored in a plain text file.

If you just want a binary export though, doing that yourself with things like HxD is easy.

First off, Banjo-Tooie EEPs are not 800 bytes in length; they're 2K and Project64 likes to truncate EEP files down to save a few bytes of disk space if the ending of the file is just a bunch of null bytes.

Second, go to 0x0300 in the MPK file (if it's N64 the offset might be different). You can have up to 16 game notes because there are 16 32-byte blocks from 0x0300 to 0x04FF; i.e., 0x0300 to 0x031F is note 1, 0x0320 to 0x033F is note 2, etc.. Offset 0x17 into each 32-byte block stores the memory offset index for the respective if note_header[0x17] is 0x05 then the first page of the note starts at 0x05 << 8 or 0x0500 bytes deep into the mempak.
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