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I don't really have a choice to use the MPK format unfortunately because the dexdrive only transfers saves in N64 format. Unless I export the save from the .N64 format using N-rage V2 as a .A64 file then import it back into a .MPK. Either way I think my game is corrupt because I exported it as an A64 then copied the first row of numbers to match what is in HxD and I stripped the rest, and it has my minigames still unlocked, but my actual game save file says "empty". Also I tried exporting the N64 save back into my memory pack and then into the Banjo-Tooie Game Pak via gameshark and it shows the same thing, mini games and bosses unlocked actual story mode file, gone. Not sure what to do now. Weird though because I still have the "KHJC" in my save.

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