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OK, no waste of your time this time as I just tested this.

Do what I mentioned before with copying "0x6C0 to 0x7BF, the last 256 bytes of file 1", but also in addition to that replace the byte at 0x0B66 deep into the MPK file (or 0x666 deep into the extracted EEP file you're going to load into PJ64 or whatever) from 0x7A to 0x77, the old value from the last time you saved file 1 in the previous successful load and save.

I tested this myself, and your save works. Who knows what progress you lost by redacting the value of the byte, but it's probably nothing that can't be repeated.

And get that DexDrive to do its job right / buy something else! That A64 file you exported was 7 pages long when a 2-KiB Tooie save converted into a MPK note should have been 8 pages long so that also proves it.

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