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Oh sweet thanks, it works! Now the only thing I'm afraid of is "Who knows what progress you lost by redacting the value of the byte, but it's probably nothing that can't be repeated." Hopefully if I aquire 89 jiggies that 90th one will be in the game. And yeah that DexDrive is something else, I'm either selling it/giving it away or burning it. One of the biggest piece of craps manufactured and I understand that it was also manufactured around the same time of the N64. The whole process of getting saves on here was a mess anyhow. First I had to use a Gameshark 3.3 to extract my save to a knockoff memory card (the one that comes with the dexdrive), insert the dexdrive into my computer, but since the dexdrive has a DE-9 connector I also had to buy a DE-9 converter to USB, since my motherboard doesn't have that ancient port. Then I had to install modified drivers for the device to be recognized and a patched software version of the DexDrive software since the original only ran 16bit. Thanks though that really helped my out, finally get to play some Tooie from my original save now. If I knew you in real life I would buy you a :beer:. that is if you're into that kinda thing.
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