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Guessing you're using my custom build of Azimer's latest 0.7. The gui for the new config branch on Azimer's Github doesn't work yet though. So I added the buffer settings and backend selection to the old dialog, which is not working in Azimer's new configuration dialog.

I've also added forced custom settings for a number of games.
My latest build is here:

Here's the list of games I found ideal settings for. I disable PJ64's frame limiter, and game should stay synced to roughly 60 VI/s with Prevent Buffer Overruns turned on in Azimer's. If it doesn't, it needs a custom buffer setting.
I have Fixed Audio Timing turned off for nearly every game. TWINE and a couple other MusyX games need it turned on.

The hackSyncAudio = true below, forces Prevent Buffer Overruns to Off for the games above that case.

case 'BH': /* Body Harvest */
Configuration::hackBackendFPS = 95;
case 'NS': /* Beetle Adventure Racing! */
case 'CW': /* Cruis'n World */
case 'VL': /* V-Rally Edition 99 */
case 'V8': /* Vigilante 8 */
case 'VG': /* Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense */
Configuration::hackBackendFPS = 60;
case 'GE': /* Goldeneye */
case 'PD': /* Perfect Dark */
Configuration::hackBackendFPS = 30;
case 'RZ': /* Ridge Racer 64 */
Configuration::hackBackendFPS = 60;
Configuration::hackSyncAudio = true;
case 'AR': /* Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M. */
case 'MX': /* Excitebike 64 */
case 'MO': /* Monopoly */
case 'RV': /* Re-Volt */
case 'SU': /* Rocket - Robot on Wheels */
case 'CS': /* S.C.A.R.S. */
case 'SD': /* Shadow Man */
case 'DT': /* South Park */
case 'SL': /* Spider-Man */
case 'TF': /* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater */
case 'TQ': /* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 */
case '3T': /* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 */
case 'L2': /* Top Gear Rally 2 */
case 'TU': /* Turok - Dinosaur Hunter */
case 'T2': /* Turok 2 */
case 'TK': /* Turok 3 */
Configuration::hackSyncAudio = true;
If you find any regular games with problems, let me know, and I'll try to find the right settings to force apply. Twisted Edge and Top Gear Rally have problems I know about, but haven't found any perfect settings for them yet.

It would be nice to have custom settings for every game that needs them. Then there would be no need for any options apart from backend driver selection.

Edit: P.S.
There's a new native audio plugin appeared in Project64's latest Github source. It doesn't play audio yet though. It's using OpenSL ES as the driver. So will be cross platform. We'll just have to wait a while for that I guess. Cool huh?! .

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