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Hello, Retroben.
Yeah, me again.

So thank you again for looking into the codes for WWF: No Mercy 1.1.
But i have some questions again.

You did post the code for the "No In-Game Music" which was "81151ED8 0000".
The reason i must request this again is that this code just disables the Match Background Music (which you can also do in the options menu). Is there a way to disable the Menu Music as well?

Secondly, i have so much questions regarding converting some codes from the 1.0 to the 1.1 Version, so could you maybe explain to me how i would approach a converting a code to the later Version?
I found a code which disables the ingame Clock. The Code is "810E1626 C250". So what did i have to do or what should i change in this code? For what exactly should i look if i want to convert other codes too?
I mean for the "No In-Game Music" Code, for the 1.1 Version it is "81151ED8 0000", for the older 1.0 Version it was "811533F8 0000". So only the "----33F- ----" changed really. Is this always like this when converting codes? Does the last four digits never change in this regard?

Last but not least i have a question about "Jet Force Gemini" i found in the other thread.
I found a code for the 60 FPS code from you. It was this:
80002237 0004
81045288 2404
8104528A 0001

It looks good so far, but the problem is that your enemies are super fast. And when there is a Battle with more enemies then your character moves slowly. Could you take another look into this and maybe do a revised Code of this?

Thanks again for all your time and patience.

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