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Default 60 FPS and GUI Improvment

Hi all, and thanks for the good works I'm following since 2000 something ^^.

I have two suggestions to improve this great emulator.

1. I like the improvment that the emulator, when scanning roms in folder show the "Good" name. It should be very awfull if, (like MAME did if I remember well) we could have a windows to the right side showing a screenshot of the game Highlighted, and maybe some specifications (# of players, story, stuffs like that). Showing screenshot is the most important part, because it's a pleasure to see and more attractive for who do not know the game.

2. I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting 2 important things. No stretch wide full screen (wich is not to bad yet, seeing how it is complicated to obtain) and 60 Fps (or more). This last point, as far as I know is pretty delicate since it is dependent to key frames, and complicated stuffs. So my question is :
Because it is so complicated to sort native 60fps from the emulator, should it be possible "just" to take what the emulator output as video (30fps) and interpolate it to 60 or more fps, just the way "Smooth Video Project (" (SVP) works on videos ? Seeing 30fps game's footage with it give a very good result. That way, the "pure" emulation of the 64 remains the same, 30 fps, leaving away complicates things to double the framerate etc, and the "SVP like" thing only touch to the outpouted video (I mean by this, no internal change in the emulator). If possible, no doubt it will be exceptional. : )
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