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Originally Posted by WinROR View Post
, and maybe some specifications (# of players, story, stuffs like that).
# of players is implemented in the ROM browser's RDX file already.

You would have to go into the Settings... menus of Project64's ROM browser options to add the number of players column yourself, as it isn't listed by default.

Originally Posted by WinROR View Post
So my question is :
Because it is so complicated to sort native 60fps from the emulator, should it be possible "just" to take what the emulator output as video (30fps) and interpolate it to 60 or more fps,
NTSC VI refresh happens 60 times per second, so Project64's frame rate is always 60 frames per second. Only the video portion drawn by the N64's video card is what is at 30 fps in those cases, so that would be the unchanging portion for machine accuracy reasons.
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