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Odd Object Replacement
803302C7 00xx
10=It begins (rain everywhere?!?)
Most are gone,but there's one or two neat objects,and you'll need to exploit a savestate to visit other levels,also Clanker's Cavern crashes.
The brown concert bull attacks you on Spiral Mountain!
The 10 has a lot more to offer.

Massive Objects
80330348 0066
Attack on _ _ _ _ _.

Microscopic Stuff
80330358 0066
Some can't even be seen in 1st person!

Randomly Sized Stuff
8033035C 0066
Once stuff was small,again stuff was jumbo sized,who knows what you'll get. (TTC glitched out)

Odd Refreshed Jiggies and Tokens
803303E1 0007
Enemies are unrestricted and the dynamic camera angles are disabled?

Mumbo Tokens Respawn
8033040B 0006
0E=Jiggies and Tokens
Exit the level and enter again,and they are back yet again.

Disable Dynamic Cameras
8033040F 0005

Harmless Enemies
803309B3 0004
Conga's oranges still hurt and you can't destroy the salty hippo hatch.

Crazy Interactions
80330B5B 0040
Your shadow changes to other objects again while the images of a few things are also changed influentially.

Alt Crazy Interaction
80330B65 0015
Less changing of Banjo's shadow.

Crazy Collisions (D-pad up/down on/off)
D0281250 0008
80330C7F 0040
D0281250 0004
80330C7F 0044
Various invisible walls and odd invisible floors,works in realtime!

More Odd Collision (D-pad up/down)
D0281250 0008
80330CBF 0005
D0281250 0004
80330CBF 0009

Walk Through Objects (D-pad up/down)
D0281250 0008
81330CE4 2400
D0281250 0004
81330CE4 0C0C
A little glitchy.

Later past 0x80330D00 address.

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