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Floor Crazy
80331223 00FB
Eggs hit invisible floors and Banjo is really light shaded,use many eggs to break the floor collision but with a downside of major lag when on crazy floors.

Another Crazy Floor
80331393 00082
Randomly different floor types including water.

More Floor Funtimes
80331605 00xx
C1=No Floor Type?
C3=Nice Mix
C8=More Fun
Most make you slide and eggs act the same as before,use 8137C2E4 0000 8137C2E6 0000 to prevent sliding.
You can walk in midair above water from some ledges and beak buster through water to walk under it.
Works in realtime,use D0281250 0008 and D0281250 0004 activators to make it more accessible.

Walk Through Objects
8033167D 0017
Can still stand on and interact with them,no idea if this works on uncleared note doors.

Alt Walk Objects
803316AF 0000
Can be changed in realtime.

Weird Actor Glitches
803321C1 00xx
Enemies and objects can always act different,even odd stuff as Mumbo's Mountain entrance floors acting like a flight pad can happen.
It also has a hit anywhere condition for collectables like Jinjos and other stuff.

Later past 0x80332200 address.

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