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I haven't done a single widescreen hack,I specialize in 60fps,too bad my lack of skills keeps me from finding the pacing codes for all of the Zelda 60fps codes I have recently uncovered.
If you can count finding the byte that controls an existing widescreen trigger,then barely made it for a game that already has widescreen.

I may just start Zelda Ocarina code hunting again in the hopes I just randomly bump into it,gonna take a lot of pages to flip through to find my last address stopping point.

Here's a sample so I can also remember what is located in my last address location.

"Zelda Ocarina (U) (V1.0)

Reverb Intensity Mod
8012591C 00xx
Extra strong in temple areas like Dodongo's Cavern,so be careful in those areas,can be set to 01 for instant clearing.
01=Clear The Reverb
A8=Real Strong
AC-CC=Too Strong

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