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You can search for decimal values in the memory debugger.
In fact, that's the default. You don't really need to know hexadecimal.

If you view the raw memory in RDRAM though, then you need to understand hex.
But, understanding base sixteen (i.e., hex), is pretty much the exact same as learning any other arithmetic base.

It's Third Grade knowledge, in fact. This stuff (not hex directly its self) was in the books when I was like, 8:
The decimal 666 is, in "extended notation", 6*(100) + 6*(10) + 6*(1).
More scientifically, 6*(10^2) + 6*(10^1) + 6*(10^0).
The base of each exponent is 10 because so-named "decimal" means ten digits.

If you already understand that then I think you pretty much already know hexadecimal. You just don't realize it.
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