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Yup,Windows 10...
Set compatibility mode to Windows 7 and unfortunately avoid using the D3D plugins.

We need an expertly made guide on how to install Windows 7 over new Win10 PCs complete with all the updates excluding Win10 related ones.
I am stuck having to soul-search for the remaining Win7 PCs with high enough specs (Dolphin Emu) since Windows 8/8.1 sucks from dropped support.

1. Windows 10 justifiably sucks because of spyware,adware,forced updates,being slower than Windows 7,so many BSoDs,and lost support for D3D8 and lower.

2. Windows 8 justifiably sucks because of dropped support,bad compatibility and instability issues caused by immense OS differences affecting thousands of games,and those horrendous OS (power users hate these) changes.

Sorry,can't avoid those tangents since I really need a good Windows 7 laptop,and it is immensely harder to get one when you want good specs,and some greedy @$$HOLES are jacking up the price because they know how bad Windows 8 and 10 are for power users.

If Microsoft would release a physical version of Windows 10 to buy without the spyware,adware,and other crap in it,people would accept it more.
What's so bad about paying 90$ one time to get it without that garbage in it?