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Originally Posted by V1del View Post
Why can't you fix it? If you care so much about this game it would be a much better investment of your time figuring out what you have to do to get it fixed and do all of us a favor, instead of flaming the people you want to work on stuff on.

If you don't care enough to fix it yourself, why are you demanding other people to work on it? No one here knows innately about how this works, there's years of research, assumptions and trial-and-error involved in making an emulator and sometimes that extends to getting single games working because they have requirements other games seldom reach.
Because I don't want to spend my free time in order to achieve such fantastical technical feats. I cannot do it, and I'm wondering why nobody can. I'm not flaming anyone, just asking for clarification. I am not forcing anyone, either. You should understand most people can't find a clear answer in 'the problem lies in the core'. Maybe it is clear enough for people who are working on emulators for years, but not for people who just want to play a game. Remember the forums are mostly for people of the second category. They have questions, the developers have not.

Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
There isn't an easy fix as you might think, yes we all know the problem lies in the core and as such is a VERY difficult one because it demands a MAJOR rewrite of the code that no one wants to do because messing with the timings is a job only Zilmar can do without breaking the entire thing...

Worst case scenario DK64 is one of those games that needs cycle accurate timing and even if there is an emu that can do such thing it will require a PC from 20 years into the future...
Ah, thanks for explaining! If it is that hard to change, then I'll lay the issue to rest.

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