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Wow,an ex-Squeenix dev! (sorry for the naming,blame Vinesauce Vinny)

Sorry for all the questions,I can't resist asking them in case there might be some cool details you know about or nice insights.

Do you happen to know precisely who exactly pulled the plug on the Chrono Trigger HD/3D fan remake?
Also a shame that those original crisp backgrounds for one of the Final Fantasy games were deleted where they would've been used in the HD remastered game. (not much of a FF player/missed out on it)
I had the most off-beat game though,Crystal Chronicles but got stuck on some timed puzzle that required more than 1 player or the character types that weren't the one I chose and I couldn't figure out how to pull that off then stopped playing that game altogether.

I think SquareEnix should've taken the same conditions that Nintendo did with the AM2R game and make their own ultra HD Chrono Trigger remake with full 3D at fluid 60fps and maybe with cel-shading and potentially with Akira Toriyama jumping onto it to make the graphics again,likely in the style of the latest DBZ games or the latest movie/s,if that could happen.

And since Cloud was in Smash 4,maybe an HD remake of Super Mario RPG could be done eventually if Nintendo went on-board with it.
Geno in Smash 5,PLEASE?!

So many games deserve proper true HD remakes/remasters while staying mostly faithful to the original stuff (SM64 anyone?). (something you can say that Secret of Mana remake did not accomplish IMO,a handful of songs are faithful and some almost outshine the original tracks while the rest of them are all over the place with crazy dub-step and some are way different)
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