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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
Do you happen to know precisely who exactly pulled the plug on the Chrono Trigger HD/3D fan remake?
I never thought to ask, and I would consider it bad form as an employee to look into executive decisions. I generally try not to take sides on these kinds of issues since I understand both sides.
Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger are the reasons I joined Square Enix, and one of the first things I ever made as a young kid learning to program was a Final Fantasy VII screensaver. Making clones of games is a common and good way to learn programming and in my early days I cloned Super Mario World, Tetris, Final Fantasy VII, etc. (and in a way I am cloning game music now), so I certainly understand the fan perspective.
But fans can put companies into very difficult spots. Dropping the hammer on fans costs game companies money so they try to avoid it if possible, but then your fan-made project could also cost them potential money. Now the company is between a hard location and a stone. Itís lose-lose for them, which isnít really fair, especially when you consider that the fan-made project was always on shaky legal ground and the fans should never have put them in that spot in the first place.

Originally Posted by retroben View Post
And since Cloud was in Smash 4,maybe an HD remake of Super Mario RPG could be done eventually if Nintendo went on-board with it.
Geno in Smash 5,PLEASE?!
Obviously I am not in control over what decisions Square Enix makes, but at least I can mention that I started the Nintendo club inside Square Enix where we mostly played Super Smash Bros for Wii U. I still play daily and main Granite Dwarf (Ganondorf), Boriní (Corin), and Cloud (Cloud).

Here is my updated Victory Lap (Mario Kart 64):
The missing vibrato has been added and reverb has been set to my ďfinalĒ approximation. It will of course change if I can get more information on Nintendo 64 reverb.

Setup and Kart Select also sounds extremely dead-on.
So does Koopa Troopa Beach:
Frappe Snowland, Sherbet Land:
Banshee Boardwalk:
Choco Mountain, Battle Arenas:

These sound better than USF, not just for being clearer and cleaner, but USF play-backs actually do not strictly conform to tempos.
This USF-made recording is ~1.034 times slower than the real song (mine are all at exactly the correct tempos).

But I do still have to handle a few controls and cases better in order to make a full library of correct OST recordings across many games.
You will hear (without even listening to the original songs) problems in these songs:

Moo Moo Farm, Yoshi Valley: The melody expressed by the steal drums will surprise you. The part that surprises you does actually have the correct notes, just 1 octave down. Thatís too specific of an error to suggest that the MIDI data is wrong, so there must be some kind of setting on the Nintendo 64 that allows the same MIDI data to be played back while giving us the result we are used to hearing on the console.

3 Raceways, Wario Stadium: A note in the melody seems to just drop off. It is there in the MIDI file at a lower velocity, but not low enough to create this kind of sound (or lack thereof).

Mario Kart 64 Theme: Organs sound incorrect at the end. Sounds as if an effect (possibly chorus) is applied in the originals that makes a large difference here.

Now that I have actual examples of these songs it should be clearer what kind of help I am seeking here.
If we can figure out what is going wrong in just a few songs (keeping in mind that none of these issues exist in my GoldenEye 007 set), I can handle these cases properly and create a full and massive library of game OSTís, faithful to the originals but with a massive improvement to the sounds.

As a service to the gaming community, all of these will be released in uncompressed WAV or FLAC format as well, so that YouTube compression wonít be an issue.

So, I am looking for any insight into the Nintendo 64 sound system I can get, especially on reverb and chorus, but also into whatever is causing those issues above.

L. Spiro
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